Thanks to everyone who helped us run an awesome event on November 4th and 5th, 2020!

Last year, our program provided 50 seniors in Greater Sudbury with warm winter clothing. This year, because of the generous donations from the community during the year and during our February 2020 Rockathon fundraising, we were able to provide warm clothing to 100 seniors!

Due to Covid-19, we could not provide the lunch and high tea that we normally provide as part of the event day, but we did provide seniors with a gift certificate for a meal that they can get at any Tim Horton's location.

We're still accepting donations from anyone who wishes to help us out!


Thank you to the Retired Teachers of Ontario for their generous donation to Keeping Seniors Warm!


Some of our 2020 Organizing Committee

Keeping Seniors Warm is an initiative of the Greater Sudbury Seniors Advisory Panel and seeks to address the need for warm clothing for our winters, as well as isolation for seniors in our community. Money is raised every year to sponsor seniors for a day of shopping for warm winter clothing at Giant Tiger on Lasalle Boulevard, along with an opportunity to celebrate the shopping day with a lunch prior to the trip and a high tea after the trip at the Lockerby Legion on Long Lake Road.

Seniors who are at least 55 years of age are able to spend up to $150 dollars for items like coats, boots, mitts, hats, sweaters, and other clothing that will keep them warm during the winter.

The program is run by many volunteers in the community, with the support of staff from the City of Greater Sudbury.